SkilledHelp is an easy-to-use online platform that connects customers in need of home improvement services with local tradespeople and companies (trade users) in a quick, smart and effective way.

From air conditioning installation to bricklaying, cleaning to decking and flooring, lawn care to removals, swimming pool maintenance and stone masonry, SkilledHelp has a vast and growing network of home improvement and trade industry specialists who are on hand to be called out to local jobs.

The way it works is simple: a customer posts a job request on the SkilledHelp website, and trade users offering the relevant services are alerted to the lead and can provide a quote. The customer then chooses the best tradesperson or business for the job. 

At SkilledHelp, we are on a mission to create a seamless experience for both customers and tradespeople that service their needs. It’s a smart and easy way to connect people that need help with the local businesses ready to assist them. 

What information is included in a SkilledHelp job request?

Customers provide as much information as possible to ensure that trade users have a complete and detailed brief. The job request must include:

• Outline of the job required

• Budget

• Location (city and zip code)

• Relevant images of the space/issue

How are trade users notified of potential jobs?

When a customer posts a job that matches your service description we’ll send you both an email and an SMS directly to your phone. You’ll then be able to review the description and decide whether you’d like to offer the client a quote to complete the work.

What fees are involved for customers?

There is no charge for customers to post a job on SkilledHelp.

What fees are involved for trade users?

There is a fixed fee of $25 per lead, which must be paid in order to offer the customer a quote. There are no further or additional fees.

What happens if a trade user quotes for a job, but then needs to cancel before their quote has been accepted?

As long as the quote hasn’t yet been accepted by the customer, a trade user can simply mark the job as declined and there are no further steps to be taken.

What happens if a trade user quotes for a job, but then needs to cancel after their quote has been accepted?

Once we've passed on a lead and you've offered a quote to a customer, all further negotiations including cancellations will be directly with the customer. 

Once a trade user signs up, are jobs guaranteed?

Businesses are signing up for the opportunity to quote on jobs, however jobs are not guaranteed. Customers are able to receive a maximum of 3 quotes per job, and quotes are shared with the customer on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once signed up to the service, trade users are able to communicate directly with customers to ensure that an accurate and fair quote is given.

Can trade users and customers communicate directly?

Yes. Once signed up, trade users can communicate directly with customers via online messaging, phone calls and even visits to enable trade users to inspect the site ensure that an accurate and fair quote is given for the potential job. Ultimately, it's up to the business to provide the best customer service experience for the potential client and win their business.

How is SkilledHelp different to other lead generation platforms?

Whereas most other platforms use a variable pricing format, SkilledHelp has a fixed lead price set at $25 per lead. Additionally, SkilledHelp has no hidden or additional charges such as monthly/annual membership and listing fees.