SkilledHelp is a smart, efficient, and low-cost solution for connecting skilled contractors with new local business opportunities. Adding your business to SkilledHelp’s trade directory takes just a couple of minutes, and is completely free of charge. Once signed up you will be able to quote for home-improvement jobs posted by customers in you area.

When we receive a new lead that matched your listing, we will send you a real-time job alert to you via email and SMS. After reading the job description and viewing photos submitted by the customer, you can decide whether to quote.

To give you an increased chance of winning the job, we only allow 3 businesses to quote per job. Customer service begins as soon as you submit a quote so we encourage you to connect with the customer immediately, to discuss next steps (either a phone call or a visit to discuss the job in greater detail).

Once you accept a lead there is a one-time fee of $25 - this does not change whether you are quoting a $1,000 or $100,000 job - and all other running and marketing costs are covered by us. 

Click here to register as a tradesman.

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